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Hi there! I'm a fitness and health enthusiast with a regular job in data analytics. Fitness and health have always been important to me, but like many, daily life often steered me away from achieving my ideal physique. Over the past couple of years, my exercise routine took a backseat, and by the beginning of 2023, I found myself at 100Kg. However, I decided to make a change. Over the last six months, I've developed a program that has allowed me to remain physically active, despite my busy schedule. I managed to eat less while still maintaining the energy I needed for my everyday life, and have enough energy to train. The result? I've lost 20kg and I have more energy to do things, even though I eat less. Now, those around me constantly ask about my secret. I'm inspired to share this effective routine with those yearning to shape their ultimate physique because it's a well-defined, actionable, step-by-step program.

My Upybo Program

I firmly believe in the effectiveness of simplicity when it comes to fitness routines. Here's the program that has worked wonders for my weight loss journey. I fondly refer to this as the 'Manifesto of Weight Loss'. It has three basic rules that I will list shortly below and further explain later on the page.

  1. BMR x 1.2 Aim to consume calories equivalent to your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) multiplied by 1.2. This corresponds to a sedentary lifestyle. This is the best amount of calories that you need to consume for long term success for weight loss.
  2. Create a caloric deficit through exercise. Strive to burn on average 770 kcal each day through physical activity, which equates to the burning of 100g of body fat.
  3. Focus on weekly averages to track your progress, be it weight, calorie consumption, or calories burned. Don't concentrate on daily fluctuations, but view your progress on a week-to-week basis.

Watch the magic happen and witness your weight dropping week after week. You're now in total control of your Ultimate Physique Body - Upybo!

Why BMR multiplied by 1.2?

  1. Firstly, caloric consumption calculators take into account various physical activity levels - light exercise, moderate activity, high activity, and so on. They do this by applying a specific multiplier to the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Essentially, these calculators multiply the BMR by factors like 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, and beyond, depending on the activity level.

    The most accurate part of that formula is the basic one for calculating the BMR. We need to add a minimal factor of 1.2 to this calculation, corresponding to a sedentary lifestyle. This factor covers all minor daily movements, such as getting out of bed, preparing meals, or showering.

    With confidence, we can say you'll burn this number of calories, BMR x 1.2, every day. Daily exercise amounts are likely to vary, and it's unrealistic to assume that the same exact number of calories will be burned each day. The only certain number of calories that you will burn everyday is your BMR x 1.2.

  2. By diligently tracking and recording the calories you burn through your daily exercise, you will significantly boost your motivation This is a different approach than just approximating that you'll be very active. This might sound like a slight shift in perspective, but it's actually a huge game-changer.

    You won't just plan to be active; you will be truly active to achieve your caloric deficit. Your reward comes after the activity, when you note the calories you've successfully burned, not before. This is a stark contrast to just approximating your daily calorie burn, where the reward seems to come first, thereby potentially undermining your motivation for real action. With this approach, you are setting yourself up for success - not just for a day, but for a healthier lifestyle.

  3. You can eat whatever you want. There's no need to abstain from certain foods for months or years on end until you reach your desired weight. The key is to learn to eat less of your favorite foods and incorporate other healthy foods that will help you reach your goals. It's certainly NOT an all-or-nothing diet. It involves eating your normal foods, but in smaller quantities.

    I am a food lover, and eating is one of the pleasures of life. This is why I detest the idea of diets that restrict certain foods. I can't imagine life without an ice cream, pizza, or a burger. Restrictive diets usually work only during the restrictive period. Once you return to normal foods, you tend to gain the weight back.

    My approach is different: learn to eat whatever food you want, but in the right quantities. This worked very well for me. Throughout the journey, I never felt deprived of anything I wished to eat at certain moments. I just adjusted the quantity and frequency.

    I reiterate: as long as you stay within your BMR x 1.2, you can treat yourself with any food you desire

  4. When you consume less than your BMR x 1.2, your body starts to feel hungry. BMR acts as a crucial survival setpoint in your brain; it's extremely challenging to stay below this point for prolonged periods, and venturing to do so can significantly disrupt your body and mind.

    We all require energy and mental clarity for your daily activities, such as your job, school, etc. The calories you will burn through exercise, which will create your deficit, will primarily be drawn from your body fat.

    The fats, carbs, and proteins from your daily food intake, along with essential minerals and vitamins, are absolutely necessary for your body's optimal daily functioning. Therefore, it's vital to consume a minimum amount of calories each day for peak health, sustained energy, and overall well-being

  5. Your daily caloric intake target adjusts seamlessly with your weight. As you effortlessly shed pounds, your BMR x 1.2 will adapt impeccably, matching your body's changing needs. You'll initiate your journey with a higher caloric target, which progressively decreases as you continue to achieve your weight loss goals. This approach is ideal, as it empowers you to start with a more attainable target that synchronously adjusts as your body transforms and sheds weight. Trust the process and let your body lead the way - it knows what it's doing.

All these factors underline why BMR x 1.2 truly represents the gold standard of calorie intake for long-term weight loss. Although these are bold claims, they've proven to work like a charm, and I am fully confident that this approach can empower you, and countless others, to live a healthier life

The Power of Daily Caloric Deficit through Exercise

Now, it's time to delve into the second rule of our program: creating a calorie deficit through exercise. Remember, we eat at a level of BMR x 1.2, which is sufficient for survival and to perform basic tasks. We're not creating any deficit through diet alone; instead, we're eating in a sustainable way.

Why do we create a deficit exclusively through exercise? Because it's the only sustainable approach for the long term. Our bodies are built for physical movement, and any attempt to maintain a healthy weight and body over the long term without incorporating physical activity into your daily routine is bound to fail. It's that simple.

But we all know about the importance of physical exercise, and yet most of us fail to do so. Why? I think it's because we lack a proper system. It's not enough to just know something, what is important is what you do with what you know.

Tracking Progress: The Importance of Weekly Averages